President's message

President’s Message

Fellow alumni, friends and well-wishers,

Reflect for a moment on the ‘morningness of springtime’ and the hope it brings to the human soul. Emily Dickens obviously didn’t.

“Will there really be a morning?” she asked. “Is there such a thing as day?” “Could I see it from the mountains, if I were as tall as they?”

Moses of bible times did see the ‘morningness’ of Israel’s springtime from his ordained ‘Beacon on the Hill,’ his sanctum, “Ubi Semper Discimus.” “What doeth the Lord require of you?” he asked of his fellow Israelites. Isn’t it only that you “fear Him!” “Walk with Him!” “Love Him!” “Serve Him, and obey Him always.”

Accordingly, NCUAF-SFC is thrilled to welcome you to our “Alumni and Friends Celebration Day.” Our wish for you fellow alumni, friends and well-wishers is that heaven’s springtime will permeate our doorsteps, and may the sleeping seeds now dreaming beneath the drifts within your lives, reach for the strong radiant and transforming rays of springtime renewal.

Special thanks to Pastor Darren Murphy, his wife and family for accepting our invitation to be our special guests here today. Pastor Murphy currently serves as assistant pastor at the Ambassador Seventh-day Adventist church here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He is our keynote speaker for the Divine Worship Service.

Further, our chapter appreciates the warm and hospitable gestures and kindness so generously offered by Dr. Jeffery Thompson, the board of directors and members of the Fort Lauderdale SDA church. You continue to open your doors to us, unconditionally, and for that we say thanks.

Finally, to all our Emily Dickens-like alumni, friends and well-wishers worshiping with us today; be assured there’s “really a morning,” coming! And there’s really “such a thing as day,” an interminable and never-ending day coming. And no, you don’t have to be as tall as mountains to see or experience it.

Just come, as you are, - “into this house of worship, enter this sacred space, come and find peace, rest, encouragement, hope, fellowship and love. Come with open minds seeking God’s wisdom, broken hearts seeking Christ healing, and thirsty souls seeking heaven’s comfort.”

Paul Anderson - President