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Northern Caribbean University Alumni Association - South Florida Chapter is a group of dedicated individuals aiming to advance the interests of Northern Caribbean University and encourage concerted actions among its alumni, friends and supporters to enhance the mission of our alma mater.

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    help for families

    We provide maximum support to students with 3+ children, including psychological and financial help.

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    Students from regions with severe weather conditions are our top priority. We provide clothes for students of any age.

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    Educational programs

    We provide funding for educational institutions for children, including the creation of an inclusive environment.

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    Food for children

    Our organization provides food for needy students and their families.

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    Psychological support

    Our non-profit organization offers psychological help to students who have suffered from domestic violence.

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    We provide books for students who are in need of the basic necessities but are unable to afford them.

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Fellow alumni, friends and well-wishers,
Reflect for a moment on the ‘morningness of springtime’ and the hope it brings to the human soul. Emily Dickens obviously didn’t.
“Will there really be a morning?” she asked. “Is there such a thing as day?” “Could I see it from the mountains, if I were as tall as they?”
Moses of bible times did see the ‘morningness’ of Israel’s springtime from his ordained ‘Beacon on the Hill,’ his sanctum, “Ubi Semper Discimus.” “What doeth the Lord require of you?” he asked of his fellow Israelites. Isn’t it only that you “fear Him!” “Walk with Him!” “Love Him!” “Serve Him, and obey Him always.”

PAUL ANDERSON / chapter president

Your donation can change the life of one STUDENT. A litle means a lot.

We are grateful for every donation you make.